Another four new aircraft on the way to the West

Within the last two weeks we have dispatched four new SportCruisers with the final destination United States of America. All aircraft are equiped with Dynon HDX digital avionic and ballistic recovery system. US SportCruiser fleet is steadily growing and we are proud...

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Four new aircraft delivered!

Four new aircraft left our factory gate within last two weeks. Two SportCruisers fitted with dual Dynon SkyView HDX, grey leather interior, ballistic recovery system and painted in the new 2017 style are on their way to USA. Two PS-28 Cruisers equipped with dual...

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About us

Czech Sport Aircraft is focused on the research, design, development and production of Light Sport Aircraft for basic and advanced flight training, basic military pilot training, general recreational use and air tourism.

Czech Sport Aircraft is located in the city of Kunovice in the heart of the Moravian aviation valley where, from 1954 up to the present day, several aircraft have been designed, developed and manufactured. The company was formed in 2009 adding to almost 80 years of aviation pedigree and history in the city of Kunovice.


The SportCruiser is used extensively for flight training around the world.

The SportCruiser is certified in the USA LSA category and can be operated in countries recognising this LSA category e.g. the USA, South Africa, Australia and some parts of South America.

Current statistics show that around 50% of aircraft delivered by Czech Sport Aircraft are used by flight schools in a basic and advanced training role as well as for time building.

PS-28 Cruiser

The PS-28 Cruiser is used extensively for flight training in Europe.

The PS-28 Cruiser is Type Certified for VFR Day operations according to EASA LSA regulations and can be fully commercially operated in all EASA countries or in countries where the PS-28 Cruiser obtained local CAA Type Certification. In April 2012, the PS-28 Cruiser was the very first aircraft to receive certification in the brand new category of Light Sport Aircraft with European General Aviation.